A 1
501(c)(3) Charitable Organization
The mission of A 1 Learning Connections is:
      to enable students to triumph in the world of tomorrow.

This is accomplished through our after school programs, summer institute programs,
     professional development for teachers and tutorial services.

Community Partnerships
A 1 Learning Connections has established strong relationships with local churches, community organizations, schools, parents, teachers and students to meet the academic needs of our students. A 1 Learning Connections has highly qualified professionals ready and willing to facilitate year-round learning for K-12 students. We also have qualified professionals that will aid in the growth and maturity of the child. A yearly mentoring program has been established to assist in monitoring the current progress of the child. Community partnerships allow A 1 Learning Connections to conduct professional development for teachers’ seminars and offer tutorial services for K-12.
A 1 Learning Connections
8915 Farne Island Blvd.
Knoxville, TN 37923
Office (865) 384 - 4048
Fax (865) 539-1781
Email:  lemerson@A1LearningConnections.com