A-1 Tutorial Services
A 1
501(c)(3) Charitable Organization
A 1 Learning Connections
8915 Farne Island Blvd.
Knoxville, TN 37923
Office (865) 384 - 4048
Fax (865) 539-1781
Email:  lemerson@A1LearningConnections.com

A 1 Learning Connections is a 501(c)(3)
Non-Profit Organization that is approved
by the State Department of Education,
21st Century Community Learners, to
provide tutorial and enrichment services
in Tennessee.

A 1 Learning Connections helps
K-12 students build skills and gain confidence
in reading/language arts, math and science.
ACT/SAT prep are also provided.  Our program
is unique in that it offers a specific and
individualized approach to help students
obtain the basic skills and specific content
knowledge necessary to succeed in school.
The programs developed by A 1 Learning
Connections Company are designed to
move students from minimal to basic,
from basic to proficient, and from
proficient to advanced.
We individualize our study programs to
fit your student’s needs.  Our
professional, expert staff will make a
recognizable difference in your child’s
education.  We recommend two or three
sessions per week.  These sessions can
be located at the student’s school, home,
library or community center.  

Transportation can be provided as

Description of Services
Reading/Language Arts, Math, Science, ACT/SAT preparation
Grade Levels
Kindergarten through 12th grade
Tutor to Student Ration
Group tutoring  1 tutor to 10 students, Private tutoring available upon request.
Available to students in the following counties
Knox, TN and surrounding counties

       Our mission is to enable students to triumph in the world of tomorrow!